About The “LaRue Crue”

stoneyYou’ve landed on Stoney LaRue’s Street Team…. the LaRue Crue!  Think of it as a social network for Stoney LaRue fans, for Stoney LaRue fans!  As part of the Crue, you will be able to network with other fans in your area, post photos, send private messages, complete missions for points, and cash in those “Crue Points” for cool merch! The Larue Crue site allows you to join “groups” by your state, network with other LaRue Crue, and take on helpful tasks from the admin to spread the word about our music.

It’s free, we don’t charge anything, and there is a lot you can do!

First, sign up on our site and be sure to check your email to confirm your account.  You’ll get a confirmation email activating your account on our site, and then another asking you to join our online newsletter!  Once you join, you’ll get an online profile where you can add your pic, create your own galleries (fill them with concert pics of us, your street team work, your pets), and access to the message forums.

Join the group for your state, or ask the admin to create a special group for you if you’d like! What do you get?  Free downloads, special updates and news that no one else gets, private videos from Stoney while he is on the road, and rewards for your street team efforts!  Once you join our various groups (State, Online Missions, etc.), check for ways you can help us that we post, and you can earn points or tickets to a local show!

We have a lot of cool Stoney LaRue swag, and you never know what we may decide to give away! Once you are a LaRue Crue family member, you will be able to view other Crue’s profiles, become friends, and communicate with each other just like you do on other social networking sites!

You can even follow other LaRue Crue, send them friend requests, and even send them private messages! Sign up today to join the Larue Crue and then start earning points, and accepting tasks to earn cool stuff!  If you have questions, please contact the admin for help!

Thanks so much for your support, we love you all!

Stoney Larue “The LaRue Crue Street Team”

PS.  Always use the hashtag #LaRueCrue when you are posting on social networks!  Spread the love!