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    So lately, I have seen way too much “bad stuff” about Stoney floating around. Yeah, we all know there was an issue last year, and I am not going to dig into that. However, people lately have been criticizing his stage work. One person commented on a feed that he ‘played like 6 songs and just walked off’. I’m personally kinda tired of it. These artists go out there and perform for the masses, and people forget they are human. Do I know what happened at that show, no…did he walk off? Maybe, but I don’t know and the person’s perspective could have been skewed. What I do know is this: This past weekend, Stoney LaRue played at the Toyota Texas Music Revolution event in Plano, TX. This event was poorly promoted and very poorly attended for what they expected. There were some strong acts there – Zane Williams, Folk Family Revival, and Mike Ryan to name a few – and Stoney was the headliner. I went down to the main stage and watched his show so I could see for myself, and I saw NOTHING of what these people are saying.

    On that stage, I saw a guy having more fun than he has seemed to have in a long time. He and his band cut up, interacted, and played hard. Basically he laid it all out there. The other thing I noticed is how rude some of the crowd was – Stoney was trying to explain about the next song he was going to play and even was talking about our troops and such, and people in the audience were yelling over him, calling out song titles and basically daring him to play – “he won’t play that, come on Stoney, why don’t you prove me wrong, etc.” While the fans were less than pleasant around me, Stoney was a class act on stage. He even encored with a jam session and Oklahoma Breakdown. I hope this is the trend that keeps going, and I hope people will give him a real chance to be who he is on that stage – a sold performer and a guy with a lot of soul.

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    • I can’t even count the number of times I have seen him in concert and have met him several times. I have never seen him behave rudely towards his fans, even when they are drunk and being rude to him! He has always been good to his fans, one of the many things I love about him!

      • And that is what I have seen…everyone has off days…but when I have seen Stoney live, he has been interactive and entertaining. There were times I could tell he was less enthused about a show, but mostly because of the audience and the things going on…when you are on stage performing and everyone is lost in their phones or, in the case of some clubs, a drunken fight breaks out, it’s disheartening to the musician. I want to see Stoney keep going for years to come and hope to be able to follow along with his successes.