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“I like to connect with people at any age, whatever it might be sonically or to the depth of what they are willing to think. I like to think, and I like people to think and that often generates a connection that can be nurtured,” says Stoney LaRue. As he prepares the release of Us Time, LaRue reflects on this important connection he has fostered with his fans over his 15-plus years of touring. Together, LaRue and his fans have culled together a “favorite live song set” that is dedicated to his loyal and growing fan base. LaRue is known for his real life, thinking man’s music.

US TIME is a collection of songs from the native Texan who now resides in Oklahoma reflecting on his own dreams that openly shares with his longtime fans. “This project is a tribute to my fans. We have developed a strong relationship and I appreciate all of them,” says LaRue. “ Together, we have built a compilation of fan favorites from the live shows that reflect the complexion of our time together in music, it is simply our US Time, “ he continues. This sentiment rings even louderafter LaRue took a hiatus from touring this summer to re-center his life that seemed to be lost.

LaRue says, “Being able to record such timeless songs as “Empty Glass,” “Into the Mystic” and “Wichita Lineman” aside some of original tunes, all selected by my fans make me feel validated as an artist and hopefully it gives the fans exactly what they are looking for.”

Being able to connect with fans the way we can today is mind blowing to LaRue. When this journey started over 15 years ago, communication was restricted mainly to the stage, written letters and before show meet and greets. Today’s instant social media connection is what helped generate this collection of songs. “I just kept a list of songs that fans would either request via Twitter and Facebook or yell to me on stage,” says LaRue. “Us Time is a very collaborative effort with them. Also, having RS Fields as the producer on this project was a good call. This is our first time working together and he totally nailed the production and we totally were in sync on how it should sound. I am very happy with the end result, it feels live and it feels real, and that is what music is all about,” he continued.

Independently charged, LaRue has sold over one million records over his career and plays 200-plus shows a year. His songs have seen the top of the charts, most recently his hit “Golden Shackles” from his eOne Music debut, Aviator, in 2014.

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  1. amyrobertson19671 2 years ago

    i truly believe music is medicine for the soul. Last year I was in the hospital almost 4 months. I had 7 surgeries and coded for 3 minutes during the last one. i spent a lot of time healing my soul with great Texas red dirt music while the doctors and the good Lord healed my body. So Thank you for what you do. You and Pat,Josh<
    ,Aaron and the rest of the red dirt artists helped my recovery tremendously. My best friend and I can't wait to see you at the Larry Joe Taylor fest in April

  2. Chris Chasteen 10 months ago

    I’m a huge fan!
    Found Stoney through Spotify. My favorite discovery in several years! Any upcoming dates in Central Florida?

  3. Selina Fiely 6 months ago

    Love your music Stoney! Have seen you live more times than I can count and you never disappoint… Always a great evening of music and poetry! Some of my faves include Box #10, Downtown, One & Only, Us Time and One Cord Song. Someday I hope to hear you sing Tie My Boat live! ❤️
    Peace & Love ~ Selina

  4. Kyle Jenkins 5 months ago

    Hi there Stoney, love the music you lay down man, hope to see you around Ponca City, OK sometime, maybe I’ll get to see you for a 9th time! Keep on keeping on man!

  5. Steelee Elizabeth 5 months ago

    I absolutely can not wait for August 11th to see you! I have been a huge fan. Your music has gotten me through the toughest times & i am celebrating my birthday at your concert Its gonna be AMAZING.

  6. Angela Mouse 3 months ago

    My mother is the original fan in our family, but through the years and the trials and tribulations and the fact that I survived into my twenties now, we share our love for music at the singular point-Mr. Stoney Larue. My first concert was at the Texas Frog Fest in 2017. When I learned to play guitar I picked up songs from Velvet and Red Dirt Album to sing for her. You continue to inspire and challenge me to think and create and delve into the world of music that We love so dearly.

  7. Katrina 3 months ago

    Love stoney and love his music been a huge fan every since I heard his music me personally I love “feet dont touch the ground” “Oklahoma breakdown” “let me hold you”