We have received emails from people who have been contacted regarding meeting with Stoney LaRue by filling out a form or calling a phone number to arrange.

Stoney LaRue does not charge or ask for money EVER on social media, through chat – this includes Instagram and Twitter.

Please do not give personal information over chat, sent personal information, or provide payment of any kind. There are people out there impersonating Stoney LaRue who are phishing for information, including bogus charges for various fictional tasks and events.

These are bogus. Do not SEND any money to anyone nor provide your personal details for ANY reason. This includes Facebook chat, Instagram or Twitter DM’s.

Stoney LaRue will never ask to text you for money, nor provide any reason to send money.

The only way you know that a message from him is OFFICIAL is to look for the BLUE VERIFIED CHECKMARK on his profile.

Again, like all artists, phishing and impersonation is an issue – but verification checks are the way to differentiate the real account from the bogus ones.

Please stay safe on the Internet. Never give personal information to anyone, and again – report and block any suspicious activity.

Thank you.

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  1. Patrick Goodman 2 months ago

    Myself and two buddies met Stoney at JJ’s in Oklahoma city this week and had a few cold ones ,we had a blast with him did’t know who he was at first just a guy out trying to have a good time . turned out we all did. Thanks Stoney we will never forget it.