About Stoney LaRue

“I like to connect with people at any age, whatever it might be sonically or to the depth of what they are willing to think. I like to think, and I like people to think and that often generates a connection that can be nurtured,” says Stoney LaRue. As he prepares the release of Us Time, LaRue reflects on this important connection he has fostered with his fans over his 15-plus years of touring. Together, LaRue and his fans have culled together a “favorite live song set” that is dedicated to his loyal and growing fan base. LaRue is known for his real life, thinking man’s music.


News & Updates

Stoney LaRue @ Larry Joe Taylor Festival – April 23rd – Stephenville, Texas

Tickets: http://larryjoetaylor.com/texas_music_festival/music_lineup.htm Larry Joe Taylor started out in the early 70’s no different than many of his fans today: A full-time employee with a deep love of music, armed with only...

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A T-Shirt For An Amazing Cause

Please support this great cause from our friends at Papercloudsapparel.com information below. Visit www.papercloudsapparel.com and create your Stoney LaRue shirt and proceeds from your order go to TARC ! This amazing...

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